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This clear and resounding message from us clearly conveys that we will do everything we can to ensure that we are your Number 1 choice for quality imaging consumables. We are determined to provide you the best products and service in the industry.

Sinazza Imaging Products Sdn. Bhd. Is a young, dynamic, and one of the leading distributors of premium quality imaging consumables in the region. Our wide and comprehensive range of imaging supplies include printer ribbons, typewriter ribbons, cash register ribbons (Point-Of-Sale), time recorder ribbons, spool ribbons, correction tapes, lift off tapes, fax ink films, thermal transfer ribbons (barcode ribbons), ink rolls, cheque writer ribbons/refills, MICR ribbons, and wideline ribbons.

All of our products are manufactured under a stringent quality control environment in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standards, giving you the best quality possible.

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Hot Stamping Foil Suppliers & Omnimetric Technologies in Malaysia

What are our products and services?

Here at Sinazza Imaging Products Sdn Bhd, we pride ourselves as a quality manufacturer for various imaging products, such as barcode ribbons and thermal transfer ribbons in Malaysia. We are also one of the top leading label sticker suppliers and hot stamping foil suppliers in Malaysia.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a label sticker supplier?

There are two key factors one should always remember when choosing a label sticker supplier. For starters, you should choose a supplier who has experience when it comes to supplying label stickers in Malaysia especially if you are new to label sticker printing.

An experienced label sticker supplier would recommend you materials for label sticker printing based on the heat and light exposure your product will undergo. The label sticker supplier should be able to help resolve any issues efficiently and quickly to ensure the finished product for the label sticker comes out flawlessly.

Next, you should consider if the label sticker supplier has a range of options, such as materials, sizes, inks and cuts. It is important to choose a label sticker supplier that gives you more options and materials to work with as you will have an easier time to make sure that your label stickers come out well.

What are Barcode Ribbons used for?

Barcode ribbons are also known as Thermal Transfer Ribbons, and they are often available in a large range of colours with black being the most common and popular choice. Barcode ribbons are especially used to be printed onto paper and synthetic label materials. Barcode ribbons are used in barcode printing to outlive and tolerate direct thermal printing when the barcode print is exposed to sunlight, heat or chemicals.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a barcode ribbon?

There are several things one should always remember when choosing a barcode ribbon. Firstly, you should consider the surface of the barcode ribbon. Different barcode ribbon surfaces come with different adhesions. Whether the surface is smooth or curved, it is a crucial factor to consider when determining which type of barcode ribbon adhesive and material is the best for your applications.

Next, you should consider the abrasion resistance of the barcode ribbon, as contact and ribbon can affect the barcode ribbon readability over time. A barcode ribbon with higher resin content often provides a higher level of resistance towards abrasion.

You should also consider the lifespan of the barcode ribbon. A barcode ribbon with a longer shelf life is more likely to have a stronger tolerance when exposed to chemicals, moisture and abrasion. Whereas a barcode ribbon with a shorter lifespan will not last that long due to its weaker tolerance and durability.

What are hot stamping foils?

Hot stamping foils are considered the most important aspect of the hot stamping process throughout Malaysia. A hot stamping foil is essentially a thin film that is coated with a sheer layer of color.

Similar to how ink and paint played a role in printing, a hot stamping foil transfers the colour onto the product through the hot stamping process. Hot stamping foil suppliers often provide hot stamping foils as they are used in a large variety of applications in printing, such as leather goods, book bindings, commercial printing, wires and even labels.

What are the different layers of a thermal transfer ribbon?

Thermal transfer ribbons are commonly used in Malaysia and other parts of the world for thermal transfer printing, they are widely used in printing high quality barcodes and identification labels.

A thermal transfer ribbon is made of four layers, and each layer consists of its unique properties and helps ensure the production of the highest quality printed label. The four layers that are included are: -

  1. The Ink Layer: this layer is made of either wax/resin or resin, and this layer is transferred onto the receiving material during the printing process to form the image. The ink layer is resistant to heat, abrasion and solvent.
  2. The Release Layer: This layer comes with a unique feature to thermal transfer ribbons. It helps to enable better ink release from the PET base film.
  3. The PET Based Film: This layer is used for the ink and the back layer coating. This layer enables the heat to transfer from the thermal head to the ink.
  4. The Back Protection: this layer protects the base PET film and the thermal head. The back protection layer helps to reduce any static electricity issues and boost the ribbon passage in the thermal printer.